Our History

The Crossing was planted in Pearl River, LA in May of 2008 by Sam and Sue Husser. The Baptist Missionary Association of America sent Bro. Sam to Slidell to plant a church and with about 15 people began meeting in a home in Pearl River of a family they knew before they came to Pearl River. Shortly after the Bible Study out grew itself and they began looking for a place to meet. Before they knew it, God grew that group of 15 people to the current membership of over 300.

The Crossing currently meets every Sunday morning at 10am for what we like to call “CELEBRATION” as that is exactly what we are doing - celebrating the work of God in our lives for the previous week. Through the week you can find Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Men and Women Connection groups, and a mid week CROSS TRAINING. Find out more on our Connections page.

The Crossing is all about loving people where they are in this life. We don’t require you to dress or act a certain way to attend our church. Jesus showed us that people’s lives are at stake just exactly where they are in life. We want to see God change a person’s life. Not just because of something the Pastors say or we teach or sing about, but because one is intimately coming to know Jesus Christ.

If you have any other questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. We can be reached at 985-502-6819 or you can email us here.